Window Curtains, Blinds service and repair...

Window curtains are more often than not seen as "the final touch" when it comes to choosing window treatments for a home, office or living space. They certainly do add a splash of color, class, and personality to any room, don't overlook some of the more practical benefits that a good set of curtains can provide. Call us now for the best curtains, curtain cloths, blinds etc

Interior Design & Decoration

Interior decorating ideas for your decorating needs including the latest curtain fabrics, stainless steel awnings and colour forecast, vertical blinds.


We pride ourselves in providing the best hand tied Upholstery craftsmanship . We trust you will share our same expectation of quality Geosam products. Whatever kind of upholstery work you have in mind we are here to help you realize it.

We also offer great ideas in decorating possibilities in fabric,texture,style, colour and maintenance. 
We carry a wide range of products including products from AEROLUX, MASCOT OVERSEAS, MARVEL etc.

We do mosquito proofing and pest control also Try us…… We promise you an effect you
will fall in love with

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